6th Norwegian Cancer Symposium, Oslo, 4 to 6 December, 2017

Information for presenters

Abstract submission

Abstracts for talks and posters may be submitted until the deadline on October 31.

Abstracts are submitted first creating an account and then logging in using the password that you received by email. If you cannot find your password, you can receive a new password by following instructions here.

Select "My abstracts" in the submenu on the left and click the button titled "Add a new abstract".

Initially, the abstract will only be visible for you and the meeting committee. You may indicate the email addresses of your co-authors. This will allow them to see the abstract as well, when logged in at this site (provided they have registered for the meeting).

When the meeting starts on Dec 4th, 2017, all abstracts will be made available on this website, but only for registered participants that have logged in. This will enable participants to browse all abstracts during the meeting, with their own phones, tablets or laptop computers. The website has been adapted for viewing on small displays.

The abstracts will also be made available to all participants when the meeting starts in the conference program.

We encourage all to submit a color figure with their abstract. It can easily be uploaded during submission. It will be included in the conference program and shown on the website with the abstract.

There is a length restriction of 150 characters for the title and 1500 characters for the abstract text, including spaces. Italics, subscript and superscript formatting are accepted.

Selection of talks for oral presentation

In the abstract form you need to select whether you would prefer to present the work in a poster or as an oral presentation in the plenary sessions. The final selection of talks will be made by the committee. Presenters will be notified of the decision and the talk is limited to 15 minutes.


Posters will be displayed from Tuesday morning and throughout the meeting. Posters should be put up Monday afternoon or as early as possible on Tuesday, and should be removed on Wednesday before 12.00.
The poster walls have a dimension of w 96cm x h 138 cm and posters need to fit within these measurements. The presenting author is expected to present the poster during the poster session. The poster session will be on Tuesday at 17.00 to 19.00.

Plenary talks

Presentations should be e-mailed to KM Heinz (Karenmh@rr-research.no) in the organising committee prior to the meeting. To avoid issues with formatting changing between software versions, we request a pdf version of your presentation along with the raw format (.pptx/.ppt/.key), most programs have an option to save or print your presentation as a pdf file.

If you are unable to submit your presentation prior to the start of the conference, please contact us as soon as possible to schedule a handover by physical media (flash drive) before the session in which your presentation takes place.

We will provide a computer with MS PowerPoint and Keynote installed. If you wish to use your own computer, we kindly ask you to bring any necessary cable adapters, as well as familiarise yourself with your computer's screen settings for extended/mirrored desktop etc. Please contact us as soon as possible to schedule a test of your computer against the on-site equipment well in advance of the session in which your presentation takes place.

The exact time and place of the presentations will be indicated in the final conference program and on the meeting website.

Norsk Hydro's Fund for Cancer Research